Sunday, April 19, 2009

Build simulator on Windows (Visual Studio)

UFFS (>1.2.0) source code tree structure:
|-- doc
`-- src
|-- emu ---> NAND flash simulation, helper codes.
|-- example ---> Example codes
|-- inc
| `-- uffs
|-- uffs ---> UFFS core sources
`-- utils ---> simulator utility

From v1.2.0, UFFS use 'cmake' to generate Makefiles or project files for compile the simulator.

'cmake' can be downloaded from here:

When installing 'cmake', choose "Add cmake to System PATH".

Check out UFFS source codes from
  svn co uffs-trunk

Create a 'build' dir along with uffs-trunk:

Enter 'build' dir, and run "cmake ..\uffs-trunk" to create project files:

(Make sure that your cl.exe is in PATH).

Cmake will generate project files for you:

Now, you can open "uffs.dsw" with Visual Studio:

Set "mkuffs" project as active project, then compile/run it.

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  1. No dsw generated for CMake 2.8.5 with Visual C++ Express 2010. Only a Makefile is generated by Cmake. After that, run nmake will build the target succesfully.