Tuesday, February 23, 2010

UFFS v1.3.0 released

It's been 9 months since last release, it is a long time !

Thanks to the people who tried/adopted UFFS in their projects, it's YOU made this release :)

Version 1.3 is an important version in the way to UFFS2, the new features and structure changes in v1.3 made a clean and flexible code base. It's recommended for all UFFS users to update to this new release.

New Features in v1.3.0:
* Grouped buffers
* New APIs for file/dir search, mount table operations ... etc.
* New flash interface
- support page size up to 4K bytes
- Support hardware ECC
- Avoid partial page programing
- Allow user defined spare layout for special NAND controller
* Lower memory consumption

Download source package from:

or get it from GIT repo:

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